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The 4 Focuses For 2024 CRE Landscape

U.S. News & World Report highlights the current market and elaborates on industry trends and recommendations for managers and owners. Good news, "there are bright spots in the CRE outlook – mostly in the strong demand for multi-family (apartments), the digital economy (cell towers and server farms) and industrial (warehouse) property – but a comprehensive re-assessment and revitalization of the CRE industry is needed."

Overall, properties need to adapt and convert to meet the needs of existing tenants and in anticipation of the future tenant landscape. This means updated properties should be a key focus of 2024. Modern, higher-quality facilities are consistently outperforming outdated ones. Upgrades and rehabs are a must to circumvent the challenging CRE market.

How To Confront the Challenges:

  1. New capital sources: Borrowing from banks is expensive and has become unreliable. New capital structures and alternative sources should be developed.

  2. Technology: Better tech means efficiency, which means profitability. CRE executives need to explore and adopt new technology, such as AI.

  3. Sustainability: Governments and tenants are demanding greener buildings, and energy efficiency means lower costs.

  4. Hybrid work: Roughly 25% of the American workforce is firmly committed to working from home at least part of the time. If landlords and CEOs can't beat them, they had better join them with realistic accommodations.


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