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OPEX CRE Management (OPEX Management) Elevates Commercial Real Estate Landscape with Management Partnership for 80 Park Plaza in Newark

PHILADELPHIA, PA (January 23, 2024) –  OPEX CRE Management, a trailblazer in value-add property management for the Commercial Real Estate sector, is excited to announce its strategic partnership for the management of 80 Park Plaza in Newark, New Jersey. As a distinguished Class A Office building, towering at 26 stories and spanning 975,000 square feet, 80 Park Plaza has established itself as a landmark in the city's skyline. The presence of notable tenants, such as New Jersey's electric provider PSEG and the esteemed national publishing house Scholastic, further elevates the building's prestige.

Leveraging OPEX Management's industry expertise, the partnership aims to bring tailored solutions to optimize the property's performance and enhance its overall value. This marks a significant milestone for OPEX Management as it expands its portfolio to include a property of such stature.

Through innovative management practices, OPEX Management is dedicated to elevating the tenant experience, ensuring seamless and efficient operations at 80 Park Plaza. The company's comprehensive suite of services encompasses property operations, financial management, and tenant relations, positioning it as a leader in the commercial real estate management industry.

Brenton Hutchinson, CEO of OPEX Management, emphasizes the significance of this partnership, stating, "It reflects the trust industry leaders place in our team and acknowledges our steadfast dedication to realizing a property's full potential." With a customer-centric focus, OPEX Management is poised to set new benchmarks in the commercial real estate management industry.

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About OPEX Management

OPEX Management’s game-changing property management knows that owners, tenants and managers change, but foundations remain. Their focus is on community impact and leadership for all involved stakeholders. OPEX is ready with the knowledge, the team, the systems, and the technology to onboard your next project. For further information about OPEX Management, visit or email


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