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OPEX CRE Management and Blue Chip Join Forces to Elevate Commercial Real Estate Management

PHILADELPHIA, PA (June 11, 2024) - OPEX CRE Management, a premier commercial real estate management leader, proudly announces a strategic partnership with BlueChip Pros, a service provider of commercial cleaning, building maintenance, and security services across all 50 states. This collaboration, marked by BlueChip Pros' new ownership interest in OPEX CRE, is set to elevate service capabilities and establish a new standard in the commercial real estate industry.

With this partnership, OPEX CRE seeks to scale its business by leveraging BlueChip's extensive operational network and expertise in commercial service solutions. This collaboration will allow OPEX CRE to offer superior operational and facilities management capabilities to both new and existing clients, ensuring comprehensive and top-tier service delivery.


"Partnering with BlueChip Pros marks a significant milestone for OPEX CRE," said Brenton Hutchinson, CEO of OPEX CRE. “Their extensive nationwide presence, shared values, and exceptional capabilities align seamlessly with our mission to provide unmatched service to our clients. This partnership empowers us to broaden our reach and enhance our offerings, establishing a new benchmark in the industry.”


BlueChip Pros recognizes the leadership and capabilities that OPEX CRE brings to the table, viewing this partnership as an opportunity to further elevate their services. "The OPEX CRE teams experience, innovative approach and commitment to excellence are precisely what we look for in a partner," said Shaheen Mojibian, President and COO of BlueChip Pros. "Together, we are positioned to enhance the level of service and offerings across all of our clients.”


For more information about this partnership and the services offered, please visit or

About OPEX CRE ManagementOPEX CRE Management is a premier commercial real estate management company that views assets from an ownership perspective, aiming to enhance value while delivering top-notch service to clients. With expertise in property management, facilities management, accounting, construction, lease administration, and receivership, OPEX CRE is dedicated to driving creative solutions and operational efficiency across its managed portfolio.

About BlueChip ProsBlueChip Pros is a leading provider of commercial cleaning, building maintenance, and security services across 50 states.  While servicing over 300M Square Feet they ensure the highest standards of service to create optimal environments for businesses. BlueChip Pros is committed to cost-effective solutions, dedicated account teams, and innovative technology to enhance operational efficiency and client satisfaction.


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