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A Super El Niño Could Bring One Of The Most Intense Winters

The Washington Post is calling for one of the most intense El Niños ever observed. A Super El Niño is a heightened version of the aforementioned weather pattern. During an El Niño weather pattern, warm water is driven toward the west coast of the United States, and trade winds (which blow east to west) decline in strength. This means areas in Canada and the northern United States are warmer and dryer than normal. Conversely, the Southeast and Gulf Coast become wetter than normal, and tend to experience increased flooding.

Potential weather impacts include:

  • Southwest: Excessive rainfall and wet weather

  • Northern Region: Warm, dry weather

  • Southeast: Wetter than normal conditions

  • Northeast/Mid-Atlantic: Wetter than normal with above average snowfall

Prepare Your Property With These 3 Steps:

  1. Insulation and Heating: Call your provider to do a routine check up. Check for drafts, seal gaps, and consider professional inspections of your heating system.

  2. Gutters and Draining: Increased rainfall, especially in the Southeast and Southwest, means Owners and Managers should ensure their gutters are clear and that their property has adequate drainage.

  3. Landscape and Snow Preparations: For those in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, preparing for potential heavy snowfalls is essential. Ensure you have pre-negotiated contracts with service providers and have the necessary equipment and supplies to manage snow accumulation.


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